Hundreds of Ancient Tomb Found in Lebong Bengkulu


Ancient Tomb

Hundreds of Ancient Tomb Found in Lebong Bengkulu
Bengkulu (Reuters) Tuesday, March, 8th, 2010 – More than 900 ancient tombs found on a hill in the village of Mine Field, Belapis Pinang district, Lebong, Bengkulu.
Head of Tourism and Culture Lebong Yustin Hendri said, hundreds of tombs that have numbered headstones that have long been known to the public, but the number is not known with certainty.
“Local residents have long known on the hill there is an ancient tomb, but after we check into the field turned out of nearly 1000 graves and headstones unique all numbered,” he said when contacted from Bengkulu, on Tuesday.
Uniquely, according to him, there is one cross-shaped headstone that reads arab bald.
Currently, officers of the Department of Tourism and Culture to supervise the hundreds of tombs that have been cleaned of moss.
“We have reported it to the Regents and the Council, in the near future will further coordinate to follow up on these findings,” he said, adding.
Justin said that there are different versions developed in the community related to the findings of hundreds of ancient tombs.
Some say, hundreds of tombstones that are numbered graves of the workers was a gold miner in the Dutch period in 1905-1938.
“Some say the tomb is the tomb of the Netherlands because no cross but read the Arabic alphabet,” he said.
To investigate hundreds of ancient tombs, it would invite Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall (BP3) with offices in Edinburgh and Archeology Palembang, South Sumatra.

A Beautiful Panorama in Tik Sirong Village


A beautiful Panorama on Tik Sirong Village
Hopefully the upcoming 10 years the condition will be still like this …
Tik Sirong’s place is in Rimbo Pengadang District, Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Provence, Indonesia

This picture was taken by: Dadang Suroso

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