Tes Lake

The early history, the Tes Lake was around the year 1940 which were built by the Dutch in colonial times. The purpose of creation was this lake is to be a source of hydroelectric (hydropower). So this Lake was made by human, not original lake as in other areas. Although it is a man-made lake, this Tes Lake have a very beautiful landscape, is surrounded  by mountains and also Barisan Mountains range. If we are from Bengkulu through Curup then we will see the lake, due to the shape of the Lake is elongated, so only from the curb we can enjoy the view on this lake.

The Tes Lake is the widest in the Regency Lebong. Lebong does have water resources which is quite big but for developments in the future, so this Tes Lake which would strongly influenced the Lebong Regency in economic development. The water of the Tes Lake will be flowing into the Ketahun River, where the water source is very much exploited by the people not only as a household, but more important is used as a source for irrigation farmers to irrigate their ricefields. Beside that, this will also Ketahun’s water will also be used as a necessity in the field of fisheries.

Unfortunately at this time, an awful lot of the occurrence of illegal logging in the area upstream of the Tes Lake. If no special attention from the Government and also the cooperation of society then water volume in Tes Lake will be reduced. If this happen are still continues, then we can guess Lebong Regency Economic Development could decrease continuesly.

If you want to see The Tes Lake position in Google Earth, I will show you a map below.


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