A in Rejangese Dictionary

acun: poison

agok: 1 to guess, suppose, think, believe. 2 approximately, about. kebeu – telau likup about three water buffaloes. – puluak bilai ba an ne for about ten days. 3 somewhat, rather, kind of. – la’ang kulo bukau yo. This book is rather expensive.

akea: 1 logic, reason(ing), presence of mind, wisdom. Dau ne gik kidek crafty. Dau nyen – inventiveness. Bubeak – to go crazy, not be in one’s right mind. Nak lem – sehat ne in full possession of one’s faculties, sane, of sound mind. Lem waktu o coa si masuk – in the incredible amount of time of 2 a/the way to, the means of, idea. Uku ade. I have an idea.

alau: 1 to go (away). –! go away! 2 to depart, leave.  – dute; be uku magea. Please leave first; I’ll catch up to you

aleak: 1 to lose, defeated, conquered, beaten. 2 to lose (in business/ gambling, 3 to fail (an examination). 4 less(er), lower, inferior. – suaro to lose an election.

amen: 1 if, in the event of, in case. 2 when (in the future or in general);
→ AMEN. – amen si coa teko. if he doesn’t come. – ade if any.

angek: 1 to complain and whine (as of children). 2 to get angry, lose control of one’s temper.

apea:  to know by heart, have memorized;

apun: 1 apology, forgiveness, pardon, excuse. 2 grace, clemency. –!Good gracious! mitak – a) to ask forgiveness. b) (beggar’s cry) have mercy! c) terrible, unbearable. Coa ade – mercilessly.

asal:  no matter which/who, arbitrary, any (old), whatever, just any.

atei:1 heart. –ne dedegub puce saben. Her heart pounded with fear 2. liver; do ne fungsi – manusio o do’o ba utuk mbersi daleak. One of the functions of the human liver is to purify the blood.

awei : 1 like, as. Awok ja’ai – juluk. He’s as lean as a rake. – ipe gik ade ne as is, in the condition that it’s in. – biaso ba as usual. 2 as if, like.  – tun kayo bae. He acted like a rich man. – o ba a) just as (if ). b) and (also). 3 as, in accordance with, according to. Nea bae – nluak si nano do as he instructed. 4 such as awit : 1 (– nyen) and awit  often, frequently, repeatedly. 2 sometimes, once in a while. –  nyen  frequency.

to be continued…


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