Rejang Alphabet

There are two researchers who credited for Rejang society (include Lebong Regency),

1. William Marsden (County Wicklow, 16 November 1754 – 6 October 1836) According to Marsden, among the local language is the language of leading Sumatra Batak Rejang and Lampung. There are similarities between Batak and Rejang script. One exception occurred in Aceh, the language is very different from the language of the Melayu

2. Mervyn Aubrey Jaspan (1926-1975), anthropologist at the University of Hull (United Kingdom). Service to the community is the research on Rejang KA GA NGA letter, then presented to an International institution for encoding as the standard for International Characters. The proposal name is Proposal for Encoding the Rejang Script in the BMP of the UCS. First M.A. Jaspan know that script was from the titled of William Marsden book: Sumatra Alphabets

Now people are more familiar know this script as Letters of Ka Ga Nga (Aksara Ka Ga Nga)


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