Rejang Complete Dictionary

Dears friends who want to learn more about the Rejang Language can find in the book entitled: the KAMUS LENGKAP (COMPLETE DICTIONARY): Rejang Indonesia-Indonesia Rejang. Author: Syahril Chile and Rahimullah, SH, m. Si

6 thoughts on “Rejang Complete Dictionary

  1. Great to see a final result! I have a copy of “Materials for a Rejang-Indonesian-English Dictionary” compiled by M.A. Jaspan (1984). I got this from some Swiss linguists when I worked out of Muara Aman back in 1986. Lots of fond memories of local boys Banjir, Buang, Royale, Yanto & Amiruddin M.S. who accompanied me on several field trips out into the deep jungle!

      • Aku memang tinggal di Muara Aman sementara di dalam 1986 waktu saya berkerja di PT Ketaun Mining sebagai ahli batuan / geologist dan buat berberapa survey di lapangan dengan anak buah saya. 1986… sudah cukup lama dulu ya?!
        Dgn hormat – saya 🙂

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