Clairvoyance: Usage and Problems

Pewaskitaan or clairvoyance, is one of the powers of ESP (Extrasensory Perception) man. Also called the sixth sense for humans to physically only have 5 senses. When in fact the man with seven layers of the body has a lot of sense, but because it is a layer called the human physical body with five senses, then all the outside is called the sixth sense.

In Science, a branch of science that studies the Parapsychology ESP, including clairvoyance, which is a branch of science that studies the phenomenon of psychic paranormal. But the scientific community can not accept the results of ESP, including clairvoyance observation, as the scientific method because of the lack of observational evidence-base, which may explain the lack of theory about the ESP itself and the lack of experimental techniques that can provide results that can be scientifically justified dipertangung.

Traffic actually is technically linked to the condition of a person’s chakra ajna, is quite clean, open and well-trained activities, so there are also differences in the ability level of the actual pewaskitaan. In this paper I will not peel too deeply about how the clairvoyance to work, or ajna chakra relationship between the physical senses such as nerve and brain so the brain of the clairvoyants could translate what he saw as non-physical. I prefer the discussion of the benefits and problems, is a Reiki practitioner needs to have that ability or not.

A baby generally have higher levels of pewaskitaan because the physical senses and his brain has not been so dominant indra2 deter non physical. Often there is a story of a little boy talking to himself with his imaginary friend in the room, which was not imaginary, but non-physical beings that only he could see, while their parents can not see. Then the parents say it’s not really a credible and then implanted in the brain that ultimately the child’s ability to cover.

Every human being has a chakra ajna (non-physical organ of the soul), so basically every man clairvoyants. And actually it does not need to learn, because when someone dies, when the dominance of the physical senses and the brain stops working, as the soul of the relevant high-level direct clairvoyance. Then why are there people who were born already carrying capability pewaskitaan, while others do not? This is connected with the history of soul and spiritual lessons to be learned in this life time. In essence, whatever inborn, it is the best and perfect for the relevant from the Almighty God and others do not have to envy or get discouraged and want to have something similar if not have it. Always be thankful for the Lord Almighty has given the best and perfect.

Padmajaya, once prior to the workshop’s Conscience, workshops Pewaskitaan been issued, but had only lasted 2 or 3 times and then stopped, because Mr. Irmansyah Effendi realized that the heart and conscience is much more important.

In varying degrees, there are some positive benefits from such pewaskitaan can see things that are not readily apparent non-physical eye, see dirt or negative energies that cause disease and can be more focused in providing treatment and many other things including the viewing distance far etc.. That’s why many people who think it’s incredible ability to want to have it too, without realizing the negative effects of having that capability, without realizing why as humans we do not need to have that ability, not realizing when we die we all SURE clairvoyant and MUST be able to fly :)

Capabilities that are part of the grace of God Almighty, just as our hands and legs also grace of Almighty God, but we want to wear what’s up hands and legs, helping people or hurting people or even self-destructive. If the hands and feet used to go to places where people consume drugs and then we come, too, yes it is included destroying ourselves. This is just one example to show that the grace of Almighty God, including pewaskitaan can also have negative effects if not used properly.

In some cases, it even exists pewaskitaan ability to interfere with everyday human life. For example, there are clairvoyants menyopir car, braked suddenly stopped in the middle of the street, because he saw someone standing in the middle of the road, when he saw it was a non-physical beings. It would be dangerous for other motorists. There are also clairvoyants who confuse a husband / wife who is due to see the non physical beings came disguised as a wife / husband so that they actually want the ability was removed.

Thus, the ability of the wajar2 pewaskitaan it alone, because in fact if someone can see something, not necessarily concerned to understand what he saw. For example, colleagues went to the Giant Sea Aquarium and see lots of fish and other sea creatures. colleagues could see the fish and sea creatures, but if the fellow knew what the name of that creature, creatures which are dangerous and which ones are not? Well, that’s roughly pewaskitaan it, can see but not necessarily understand what is seen.

Those who have the ability pewaskitaan since childhood generally modest, did not want to say / show it to others. Instead they are mediocre ability or wanted to be clairvoyant and learn, even pewaskitaannya often wrong because it was heavily influenced by their ego and willpower. Well, the point here, as long as we still have all of the self and pride, as pewaskitaan abilities that tend to make us proud, so that our hearts can feel more enclosed and away from God. This is all related to the encouragement of the ego which direction it wants to lead us away from God Almighty. Though our life’s purpose is to open up and grow closer to God Almighty.

Tummo Reiki practitioners who are learning to let go let Valentines Almighty God who works at healing and we know the nature of the intelligent divine energy itself, and we do not need mendiganosa disease, it is not necessary pewaskitaan. If you already have been born, lived Were Left to be used according to the Will of God Almighty alone.

I am personally grateful for in life are not clairvoyant. Then why did I dare to write about pewaskitaan? Hhmm .. but the interesting question is easily answered if we want to use the heart and conscience are far wiser than pewaskitaan. Also true because in the first opportunity, we often clairvoyant, but we know how the edges :)

For colleagues who still have the desire to clairvoyant, I try to ask one thing only. With two physical eyes now that colleagues have, in fact was how busy brain counterparts daily so there is often no time to pray and open your heart to God Almighty who is actually our purpose on Earth is? Well, assuming the two eyes that it was very busy brain, how busy it is when coupled non Fisk one eye open and catch a lot of non-physical things that have not known before? Would it be more relaxed and more time to open up or vice versa?

It is enough to answer I guess.

CONCLUSION: The pewaskitaan already have, thank God and to be safe pasrahkan to Almighty God for the ability it is always appropriate to use the Will of God Almighty alone. Are not clairvoyant, thank God Almighty as well as aware of everything that God has given us since birth is the most beautiful, the best and perfect for our needs.

This time so I am sharing. May be useful.

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