Hello everyone…

I was born in a small city in the South Sumatera, Muara Aman. Muara Aman place is in Lebong Regency, Bengkulu (Bencoelen) Province, Indonesia.

I am a Javanese cause both of my parents were born in Jogyakarta, Indonesia, Eventough I’m Javanese, I’m more familiar with Rejangese better than other language. So it’s not suprise that I’m able to speak Rejangese well. Rejangese is one of language in Sumatera Island, Indonesia that is very difficult to learn it. In fact I have many friends who was born in the Rejang Land but until now they can’t speak Rejangese well. Only know  the meaning but when we invite them to speak Rejangese, they can’ t do it.

Rejangese language is not only used in Lebong Regency but also in Argamakmur, Curup (Tjurup) and Kepahyang Regency. These regencies are in Bengkulu. There is one region that people still use Rejangese to speak  and are not in Bengkulu Provence, that region is Musi Rawas. Musi Rawas’s place is in South Sumatra which not far from Tjurup City, Rejang Lebong Regency.

Lebong has many tourism object such as, waterfall, hot spring and another object that you can find in Lebong Regency. The most popular tourism object in Lebong is Air Putih (White Water) Hot Spring. A lot of people had come to this place, because this place is very beautiful and so naturally. This object is still surrounded by forest and sometimes any siamang ( a yellow long-tail monkey) can be found here.

Air Putih Hot Spring

Air Putih Hot Spring


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