A Journey

When I was a child about 4 years old, I have been started to interest about spirituality. At that time I tried asking to my mother what about Gode existence is. So that is not surprise, from childhood, I prefered to learn theology that I believed. But learning that I have learnt, its can’t make me satisfied to find the truth of spriritual.  When I was 3rd class in Elementary School, I had tubercolosis disease, and I had been getting medicine to a doctor during 6 years in 1991.In the suffering of illness that I had experienced, I had been separated from the family, from eating, sleeping because my parents was so worried about my brother and sister would been infected while they was so young. When I was ill, I got interested with inner skill breathing, because when I hold the pain in my chest, its began to cultivate his breath with regular while praying to find God (in the concept of my time). Indeed my pain started to diminish and in darkness (I sleep extinguished no light) I often seen flowers growing in front of me (and my eyes closed). So I think that I want to meet God, but how often I see the interest continues, but I feel the peace at the time. And also I was having Out of Body (even if not controlled). From there, I got interested with the breath, the workforce in the inner skill.

So if there’s a silat (martial art) college, inner skill practitioner or prana institution, was not amazes that I was often there, simply just playing around or paying attention to know what they was doing, but amazingly I was not interested to join them. Things that I did untul I had studied in one of university at Padang (West Sumatera). For example when I got sick I almost never had to see a doctor because saturated with medications that I drank when I was a kid. So little of  it I really like doing meditation, so I am quite sensitive to the flow of energy that was felt in my body. And also I started studying Chi Kung (Qi Gong) even if not with the experts. Around the year 2000 in radio broadcasting there is mass treatment from a distance at that time who led by GM Tjiptadinata Effendi, I tried to sit down and felt the energy that they sent which turned that energy they called Reiki. I think Gee …This is a new, without a breath of energy that they sport that delivers very good.That’s when the first time know Reiki. Then I started looking for information about Reiki practitioner asked with both Waskita Reiki and finally in 2001 I met with Mr David Alwy and ask about Reiki Reiki Tummo which turns out is. Before I have Reiki Tummo attunement, I still often doing meditations and start-start learning awakens Kundalini, because I think this is what I look for from small to meet with GOD awakens KUNDALINI. Each there is a chance I still often send emails with the GM Irmansyah Effendi, and he said that there is a Usui Reiki attunement on the 1st of each month. Almost every one I constantly receive attune and still continue to learn to awaken kundalini.
Around the year 2002 at the time of practicing I feel there is a energy of gushing to the perenium shumsuna continue to propagate to the head, but there are some obstacles that occur around the neck and head.This exercise I keep doing over and over again even in the sleep I can feel it flow with real (perhaps at that time I was very obsessed). In one night the friends all asleep, I try to practice kundalini awakens again, at that time its been almost translucent to the crown chakra but there are still obstacles, I try to undo those exercises, but the energy up through the back already uncontrollable again and break through to get out of his head, resulting in pain and beat really hard. The pain I felt for days. This I ask Mr Irmansyah, and he said it is not it is just another effort in Kundalini, since then I am no longer willing to train for awakening kundalini. New in 2004 when I worked in Soweto, I get new attunement Reiki Tummo Tingkat1 new in 2005 and I am on level 2 and attune raised kundalininya. I can feel the difference between very distant and kundalini energy. I am grateful that I am trying to stir up past it I think kundalini power only in regular turns. I can’t imagine if the energy it used to be that rose is really the kundalini, because the effect is very harmful. A few weeks ago I met a friend who once tried to awaken kundalini, she showed the scars on the back of his neck caused by the wrong exercises for almost 11 years.
After 12 years of know Reiki and almost for 8 years in Reiki Tummo and by studying the HEART and conscience I now begin to know the REAL PURPOSE in LIFE and I began to know the way I travel to meet with GOD is a loving and Affectionate as I was looking for. And be thankful to God, because at this moment I know Reiki benefits not only for health and spiritual development for jg I then all of my family, including my children when they were 3 months I have include Reiki Tummo workshop Level 1 and 2. So my experience of Reiki,   I hope thaat you are not tired to read my writing and hopefully useful, may we all are always given the abundance of grace and the light of God The beneficent, the merciful. Amen …

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